Core Relocation Services

Corporate Care Relocation (CCR) Limited provides a number of key services to clients and their employees who are relocating to Ireland.  These include: 

1. Area orientation for pre-decision ('look/see' visit)


Prospective assignees will sometimes be given the opportunity to have a 'look/see' visit before their relocation to Ireland commences.  This allows them to pay a visit to the area in Ireland in which they will be relocating, giving them a better understanding of the facilities and services available.  Getting familiar with an area and having a clearer understanding of services, facilities, distances, and costs makes it easier to make the necessary decisions later on regarding accommodation and schools as well as the many other choices that need to be made for a family and/or individual on the move.  CCR have Relocation Counsellors throughout Ireland who are familiar with their local areas and can provide expert advise to our clients and their employees.  


2. Immigration support


It is essential that assignees and their sponsor companies are compliant with the relevant Irish immigration and taxation regulations. Immigration support is a critical first step for non-EU/EEA nationals to allow them come to Ireland for work assignments.  At CCR we have nearly 20 years expertise with immigration processes and laws in Ireland.  Our Immigration Counsellors work daily with global clietns advising and assisting them on the necessary steps to ensure that their employees are compliant when entering Ireland and are in posession of the necessary documentation.  


3. Rental home search

This is the first aspect of a relocation that comes to mind for assignees as well as HR professionals so much of the time and focus is spent viewing properties and considering the pros and cons of the various options. This is also probably the most difficult decision to be made as it has a significant impact on the overall move.


4. Short-term accommodation (temporary living)


This is often a welcome and cost-effective alternative to an extended stay in a hotel where the assignee can begin to get more established as a resident rather than a visitor.


5. Home purchase


Assistance with house purchase can be a significant help to assignees where local knowledge and experience is available to them to achieve a positive outcome.


6. Education consultation & school search (all levels)


For families moving with children, information on the education system in Ireland and the choice of school is critical to the success of their time here and indeed their subsequent return to their home country.


7. Pre-school & childcare


Facilities for younger children are very significant for them as well as their parents.


8. Arrival & settling-in support


Support at arrival time helps sort out any travel issues and settling-in support deals with the practicalities of bank accounts, PPS numbers and residency registration.