We know what it’s like

We know what it’s like to relocate for work reasons, to move countries (even continents) and adjust to a new culture and way of life. We know because we’ve done it ourselves. We have travelled and lived abroad on different occasions so we understand those mixed feelings of adventure and anxiety. Relocating can be exciting but also daunting, especially when you have a family and other considerations.


We think of everything

And that’s where we come in. We make your transition as smooth as possible by knowing the questions to ask and anticipating your needs. As residents and expats, we know how things work. We can take care of everything, from immigration and accommodation to schools and leisure activities. We are here for you during those all-important first few months to help you become established and independent in your new environment.


We love helping people

When asked why we do what we do, our answer is simple. We love working with the people we encounter in relocation– interesting, positive people who like to travel and experience new things. We enjoy sharing the benefit of our knowledge to help new arrivals settle into their new surroundings. And especially for those coming to Ireland, we want to make sure that your time here is positive and memorable.